"The secret of unleashing your true power is setting goals that are exciting enough to inspire your creativity and ignite your passion."

- Anthony Robbins - 


LAUNCHING ‘The Wedding Wish’ in partnership with Wingz of Change and Hello Joburg Magazine brought to you by SA SCHOOL OF WEDDINGS.


The SA School of Weddings aim is to provide the Wedding & Events industry with knowledge-based and experienced students once they have successfully completed their chosen course, whether they are employees or small business owners.
The SA School of Weddings is the only industry-endorsed wedding school and has set the benchmark within the Wedding & Events industry when it comes to the quality of their courses.

Every year the SA SCHOOL OF WEDDINGS students raise money to sponsor a wedding towards a deserving couple. The chosen couple from 2016 was granted a wedding to the incredible value of R200k. This year we have begun with the budget of R160k, raised by the students of The SA School of Weddings, and hope to increase this through sponsorship. [Read More…]

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